Angel Hair Pasta (67)

Try the delicious angel hair pasta with basil and walnut pesto and angel hair with clams and roasted capsicum recipes. Angel hair pasta is so light, it goes very well in seafood, chicken and creamy recipes.

Top Angel Hair Recipes

2 reviews

My husband begs me to make this dish. It is a surprisingly great mixture of flavours. You'll love it! Feel free to tailor the ingredient amounts to your taste. This is how we like it, but it is quite flexible.


3 reviews

This simple baked salmon recipe is served with a pureed red capsicum sauce and on angel hair pasta. Quick, simple and delicious.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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This is a very quick and easy lunch or dinner to throw together, and very tasty! A great use for leftover chicken.

Recipe by: Beamish

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This pesto recipe adds the extra health boost of spinach and the peppery surprise of rocket.

Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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Avocados are such a treasure trove of nutrients that the some say they are the most nutritious fruit in the world!

Recipe by: aimslh268

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