Cucumber Soup

    Whether you want a chilled gazpacho for a hot summer's day or a hot and sour soup to fight off a cold, you'll find it in this group of cucumber soup recipes.

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    This is a variant on gazpacho that uses cucumbers instead of tomatoes. If you have organic unsprayed cucumbers, you can leave them unpeeled for a brighter colour.

    Recipe by: sanne

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    This is a Polish vegetable soup which gets a very special flavour from grated cucumber pickle. I like to make it very sour.

    Recipe by: Olenka

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    A very simple cucumber and zucchini soup, delicious and vegetarian. it's super creamy without even the addition of cream.

    Recipe by: virginie

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    Not just cucumber but celery, capsicum and avocado go into this spectacular summer soup! Serve chilled with bread.

    Recipe by: Karin50

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    A seafood touch to a cold soup, a bit like a prawn cocktail. You can also use prawns or small crab legs or omit the seafood if you like.

    Recipe by: lilkim

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    Gazpacho is a favourite soup in the summer when it's hot out. This version is made with cucumber, capsicum and tomato.

    Recipe by: Schneeball

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    This is a cold summer soup from Russia called 'Okroshka'. It's very simply made with potatoes, eggs and cucumbers, served in a sour cream broth. So refreshing and delicious.

    Recipe by: Nyusha

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    This is a mixed vegetable soup which gets a lovely sour zing from grated cucumber pickles. Try it with dark bread.

    Recipe by: Bogus

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    My favourite Polish chicken soup which uses pickled cucumbers for a lovely note of sourness. Serve with a dill garnish.

    Recipe by: Sylwka

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    A thick cucumber soup which is a lovely cooling appetiser on a hot day. If you like, garnish with some fresh mint, basil or coriander.

    Recipe by: NEMACHRISAVE

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