Cheese Biscuits (23)

Whether making morning or afternoon tea these cheese biscuit recipes use a wide range of cheese including cheddar, parmesan and cream cheese.

Top Cheese Biscuit Recipes

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A delicious biscuit with vanilla icing. Very moist and crumbly and very easy to make! It almost has a cheesecake flavour.

Recipe by: PGOETZ719

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A savoury snack for everyone. You should try adding some herbs to this recipe such as thyme, sage and oregano.

Recipe by: oOoOLivOoOo

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These are the easiest cheese biscuits; I make them for a savoury snack or to serve with soup during winter.

Recipe by: AnneFrancoise

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The ricotta keeps them moist, and the recipe yields a large batch, which is great since the baked biscuits freeze so well.

Recipe by: LindaK

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These are delicious deep fried biscuits made with ricotta cheese known as zeppole, or 'Italian donuts'. These make a delicious dessert or afternoon tea.


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