Summer Cocktail

    Cocktails in summer around the pool or by the BBQ need a nice light and refreshing taste, try some of these mixes including mojitos, coladas and sangarias.

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    Global Cuisine

    10 reviews

    This mix of lime and mangoes makes a delicious and refreshing summer drink. It also makes an excellent cocktail with the addition of rum.

    Recipe by: tpergola

    18 reviews

    With its sweet and citrusy flavour, this icy cool granita can be deceiving. Perfect for a summer afternoon, just make sure you make them alcohol-free if there are children around!

    Recipe by: qweenbee53

    1 review

    This is a simple lime based margarita that is stirred then served over crushed ice. Great to have a jug of this and good source of ice available on a hot day.

    Recipe by: Launa

    1 review

    This classic margarita has tequila, orange liqueur, sugar water and lime juice all shaken together then served in a salt rimmed glass over ice. Nice in the summer.

    Recipe by: Emma

    1 review

    This refreshing party cocktail has fresh mint, rum, sugar, lime juice, ice and fizzy water blended together to make an amazing drink for a hot summers day.

    Recipe by: Emma

    43 reviews

    Fresh basil perfectly complements the flavour of strawberries in this refreshing, summery cocktail. You can use frozen strawberries if you prefer.

    Recipe by: Muffinmom

    19 reviews

    These ice cubes add just a touch of flavour to any drink. Simple idea and a great use for mint in the summer!

    Recipe by: Skuba

    58 reviews

    A refreshing rum cocktail - perfect when you're having a BBQ on a nice summer day. Lime and mint are so refreshing.

    Recipe by: Xanthia

    110 reviews

    A wonderful punch based on the classic Spanish drink, made with white wine, mango and orange slices.

    Recipe by: Shawna

    24 reviews

    Great smoothie with just enough vodka to make you smile and lots of fruit to make you think it's healthy! Tastes great.

    Recipe by: Linda

    2 / 4

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