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    Get the dinner started with a chicken entree. Whether the chicken is fried, grilled, stir fried or on skewers there are a lot of recipes to choose from.

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    This recipe and method of cooking creates the tenderest and flavoursome chicken wings and uses ingredients you probably have in your cupboard.

    Recipe by: Sandy

    49 reviews

    A different way to cook chicken wings from baking them in the oven. Inexpensive and very simple to make.

    Recipe by: GAN55

    2 reviews

    Filo pastry is the wrap for these small delicious rolls. They are filled with minced chicken, smoked ham, vegetables and fresh herbs.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

    2 reviews

    Quick and easy way to enjoy chicken, garlic, mint, yoghurt marinade with a nice green salad. Delicious!

    Recipe by: andonakis

    12 reviews

    These spicy, zesty chicken skewers are inspired by Caribbean flavours.

    Recipe by: Marcus Hender

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