Quick and Easy Chocolate Recipes

    Try chocolate chip cookies, microwave chocolate pudding, quick chocolate fudge cake, chocolate chip muffins or other easy chocolate recipes. These recipes are easy to make, giving you a range of chocolate indulgences.

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    This is a recipe that is so easy to make that once you have made it once, you will never forget how. It can be made as a simple chocolate fudge or add a few extra ingredients to turn it into rocky road. You need 2-3 hours for this to fully set in the fridge.

    Recipe by: slh

    87 reviews

    These chocolate orange truffles are super easy to make and require no thermometer or tempering of the chocolate.

    Recipe by: Terry

    1115 reviews

    If you enjoy a tasty treat with a cup of coffee, look no further! These cookies make a scrumptious snack and are ready to eat in 40 minutes.


    56 reviews

    This is a four ingredient fudge, super easy to make and delicious. You can use almonds instead of pecans which also work well.

    Recipe by: Angela

    13 reviews

    A lovely and simple cupcake recipe for all of the family. It makes delicious cupcakes that smell and look delicious.

    Recipe by: xmusic_loverx

    33 reviews

    Meringues are tasty and useful dessert or decorations. This is a very easy meringue recipe. They are pretty and have a delicate chocolate and coffee flavour.

    Recipe by: Madonna

    3 reviews

    I was really surprised at how easy it is to make macarons, I was always told that they were quite hard? This is my recipe anyhow that has always worked for me.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

    102 reviews

    This is an easy to make chocolate icing that uses dark chocolate, milk, butter and vanilla essence. Ideal for your next chocolate cake.

    Recipe by: MISS AMY

    2 reviews

    These white chocolate crackles are easy to make, without the use of copha. Ready in 5 minutes! This makes approx 6-7 large choc crackles

    Recipe by: Katherine

    447 reviews

    You will find this cake rises nicely and has great texture. If you prefer more sweetness, ice it with chocolate icing or add some chocolate chips to the mix.

    Recipe by: MARIASUE

    2 / 9

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