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    There are a lot of low fat recipes for the health conscious vegetarian. Why not try some of these recipes this weekend?

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    Global Cuisine

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    A healthy, rich and creamy coconut-curry noodle soup with select vegetables with all the taste - and almost none of the fat - of typical coconut-curry dishes. Add some chopped red chilli if you like spicy.

    Recipe by: FLAMINGOFLUFF

    2 reviews

    An easy one pot vegetarian meal. Pumpkin, butter beans and borlotti beans are simmered in the oven with tomatoes and thyme. Topped with nutty breadcrumb crust.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

    1 review

    Here's an easy way to include more garlic in your diet and give your immune system a helping hand.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    1 review

    Crisp, fat-free and delicately flavoured, these steamed vegetables are good hot or cold.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    29 reviews

    A low fat and refreshing dressing based on Greek yoghurt, lemon juice, Dijon mustard and chives. Great with potato salad or just green salad.

    Recipe by: Buttercake

    2 reviews

    The wholemeal flour and pumpkin purée add anti-oxidant vitamins and fibre to these rolls. They are delicious too.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    22 reviews

    This quick and easy chilli recipe is a great weeknight dinner! You can even use it to top jacket potatoes.

    Recipe by: Granny

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    A fabulous vegetarian bite that's deliciously healthy as well as fun to eat. The bean and vegetable mixture has a great spicy kick, and is combined with crunchy salad, grated cheese and creamy yogurt in tortilla wraps.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    Vitamin C from the orange juice and vitamin B6 from the banana make this a refreshing eye-opener in the morning.

    Recipe by: Leslie Glover

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    The wheat germ and bran in wholemeal flour supply significant amounts of vitamin E and fibre that are lost in processing white flour.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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