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    Just because you are looking for a low-gi vegetarian option does not mean that you cannot have tasty meal as these recipes show.

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    This coleslaw is different to the garden variety version with mayonnaise. It has very little fat and a fabulous peanut butter, chilli and coriander flavour.

    Recipe by: Dawn

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    My kids prefer my home made muesli bars to the shop bought ones, but variety is still important. My son asked me if I could make Apple and Cinnamon Muesli Bars, instead of the usual ones that I make. I came up with this and both the kids loved the result. Though it could also be called a health snack as there isn't much that would offend your diet!

    Recipe by: JacksBack

    46 reviews

    A perfect salad for a BBQ, bring-a-plate or potluck. Also makes a fine vegetarian summer dinner. A tasty mix of beans, nuts, rice and veggies.

    Recipe by: Jacklyn Wood

    3 reviews

    Great one for the kids, full of hidden vegies and healthy stuff and the kids love the name!!!

    Recipe by: rubysuesmum

    157 reviews

    Black turtle beans can be hard to find in Australia, but if you can get them substitute them for the red kidney beans.

    Recipe by: STRIDEAM

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    Jazz up brown rice with onion, parsley, basil and ginger. Substituting oil for the butter makes it vegan friendly.

    Recipe by: Deborah Westbrook

    23 reviews

    Sweet potatoes on a pizza? It sounds weird but it tastes great. The pizza sauce is based on curried lentils.

    Recipe by: FLAMINGOFLUFF

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    An aromatic, 'main meal' soup that has a rich flavour & is highly nutritious.

    Recipe by: lynjoymac

    117 reviews

    Brown rice, lentils, breadcrumbs, onions and tomatoes are combined with eggs and herbs and then baked. Vegemite makes a great beef stock substitute. Sprinkle with extra grated cheese and bake uncovered for an additional 5 minutes for a cheesy top. Meat for the veggos!

    Recipe by: sal

    28 reviews

    Make the best of fresh green beans with this traditional Spanish side dish that's great for lunch or dinner or as part of a tapas meal.

    Recipe by: jed

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