Indian Entree (21)

There are a wide range of Indian dishes that make a great entree including pakoras, curry puffs, samosas and kebabs.

Top Indian Entree Recipes

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Samosas are a great Indian appetiser that can be easily made. This recipe uses beef, potato and peas but can be easily adapted to be vegetarian.

Recipe by: Donna-Maree Austin

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Succulent prawns are sauteed with diced onion and freshly grated coconut in hot oil. Seasoned with turmeric, cayenne pepper and salt. Easy and ready in no time.

Recipe by: keertikumar

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Pakoras are a traditional Indian appetizer of vegetables deep fried in a thick seasoned chickpea flour batter, then served with flavoured yoghurt.

Recipe by: veggigoddess

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Red lentils are surprisingly convenient. They require no presoaking and cook up quickly in just 20 minutes. In this recipe, lentils are flavoured with onions, garlic and spices, garnished with yoghurt and spring onions.

Recipe by: Patsy Jamieson, Diane Temple

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Eaten without the skin, turkey makes a healthy, tasty meal. Turkey breast is the leanest of meats, and its mild flavour makes it a versatile ingredient. It also supplies high-quality protein and B vitamins.

Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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