Gluten Free Salads (75)

It is surprising how easy it is for gluten to sneak into a salad but these recipes are all gluten free salads.

Top Gluten Free Salad Recipes

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Do yourself a favour and partake of this simple rustic treat inspired by the fabulous spud. There are a ton of fantastic skordalia recipes out there. A lot of them use crusty bread, which is of course, is a recipe for disaster, for those of us snouting in the gluten-free trough. I like this simple easy alternative that uses almonds.

Recipe by: theblendergirl

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This is a fresh summer salad featuring kidney beans, sweetcorn, tomatoes and lime. Very lovely and colourful.

Recipe by: Anna E.

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This is a beautifully colourful summery salad of avocado, capsicums and prawns. Delicious served on a bed of lettuce or in a pitta.

Recipe by: Nilda Cruz

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Tomatoes, red onion and cucumbers are dressed with olive oil and finished with crumbled feta cheese and black olives. It's essential to serve this with good crusty bread or barbecued lamb skewers.

Recipe by: Jen

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A perfect salad for a BBQ, bring-a-plate or potluck. Also makes a fine vegetarian summer dinner. A tasty mix of beans, nuts, rice and veggies.

Recipe by: Jacklyn Wood

Gluten Free Salads Videos

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