Vegan Christmas (41)

    There are lots of great ideas for a festive vegan Christmas food including recipes for tofu turkeys to enjoyable salads, pastas, bakes and vegetables.

    Top Vegan Christmas Recipes

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    In the spirit of "quick and easy" I have blended together a fruit mixture that it ready in five minutes. I kept the blend very subtle, but feel free to add the spice quantities that tickle your fancy and make your taste buds dance. They are not too rich, not too sweet; but juuuuust right. These mince pies are quick and easy, and absolutely delicious.

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    Make the best of fresh green beans with this traditional Spanish side dish that's great for lunch or dinner or as part of a tapas meal.

    Recipe by: jed

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    This vegan version of my mum's sensational brandy cream recipe can be made in five minutes and is utterly divine. This cream is delicious poured over Christmas pudding, fruit cake or berries. I deliberately kept this blend mild to accommodate children, and those people not fond of a really strong brandy flavour.

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    Cherry tomatoes, spring onions, fresh basil and coriander combine in a salad that's perfect on a hot summer evening.

    Recipe by: PEGGYLEBLANC

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    Serve this stuffed "tofu-turkey" to the vegetarians at Christmas or Easter or any special occasion. You may have trouble keeping the meat eaters away!

    Recipe by: Becky

    Vegan Christmas Videos

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      How to Barbecue Portabella Mushrooms
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      Spanish Garlic Mushrooms
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      Barbecued Vegetarian Kebabs
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      Vegan Cupcake
    • videoTitle
      Vegan Cupcake
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      Carrot and Coriander Soup

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