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It's not a party without an array of cocktails, whether you are talking about prawns with tomato sauce or vodka and tequila!

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A low-fat protein source, prawns provide a good amount of B vitamins. They're also mineral-rich, supplying valuable amounts of phosphorus and magnesium.

Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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This prawn cocktail has come a long way since the 1970's. Fresh coriander, cucumber, spring onions and chilli give the classic entree a Mexican flavour boost.

Recipe by: Rey Garza

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This is the classic Iced Tea from Long Island, in the United States. The tea contains just a hint of citrus and a lot of alcohol. Sip and enjoy!

Recipe by: Tara G.

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With its sweet and citrusy flavour, this icy cool granita can be deceiving. Perfect for a summer afternoon, just make sure you make them alcohol-free if there are children around!

Recipe by: qweenbee53

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This refreshing party cocktail has fresh mint, rum, sugar, lime juice, ice and fizzy water blended together to make an amazing drink for a hot summers day.

Recipe by: Emma

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