Dairy Free Cake

    There are a wide range of cake recipes that are dairy free yet are still tasty and moist. Flavours range from fruit to chocolate and from cupcakes to loafs.

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    Global Cuisine

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    A simple chocolate cake recipe which is also egg free and dairy free so fine for vegans. Decorate however you like.

    Recipe by: Jen

    72 reviews

    This is a recipe for fluffy white icing to use on cupcakes. It is dairy free so good for those with special diets.

    Recipe by: Karen Davenport

    8 reviews

    This deliciously light and moist cake is both gluten-free and dairy-free so it's great if you've got intolerant eaters with a sweet tooth. It's my own recipe that comes from a cross between traditional orange and almond cake and apple upside down cake. It's not the prettiest cake around but it is the perfect accompaniment to morning or afternoon tea... ENJOY!

    Recipe by: chorazy

    5 reviews

    Serve as 'Purple Velvet Torte'. This is a gluten free, dairy free and sugar free cake perfect for special occasions.

    Recipe by: elanaspantry

    607 reviews

    This is a moist banana bread perfect for using up ripe bananas. I usually freeze my old bananas until I have enough for a recipe or two. Just freeze them as they are - peel and all - and thaw for an hour or so at room temperature. I have also used apple sauce in place of the oil to make this low fat. It is not quite as moist, but the flavour is still just as good.

    Recipe by: PEDGI

    94 reviews

    The easiest sponge cake you will ever make - only three ingredients and a few minute preparation time.

    Recipe by: ROSSELVE

    10 reviews

    Orange flower water provides the beautiful orange taste in this traditional Greek cake called Revani. Don't skip the syrup cos that is what really makes the cake but you can reduce the sugar in the cake by up to 1/4 cup (60g) if you want a less sweeter cake.

    Recipe by: Diana

    27 reviews

    This recipe makes two cakes and the cakes just get better with age. If you can, bake them a few days ahead!

    Recipe by: Suzanne Stull

    4 reviews

    A low saturated fat slice. Hubby had a bypass last year and I have been making baked goods that are good for the heart. This has a nice texture and a nice taste. I make 24 slices and freeze them. I use the basic recipe and vary the fruit. The date is my favourite, but the sultana one is also nice.

    Recipe by: Scribbles

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    My bread machine has a cake setting - so I used that. It wasn't quite ready when that setting had finished so I put it on for some extra minutes on the bake setting. You could also put in on dough for about 10 mins then on bake or mix it in a bowl and cook it in the oven. It tasted pretty good to me.

    Recipe by: laridae

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