Rye is closely related to barley and wheat and can be found in similar recipes such as breads. Try some of these rye recipes for yourself.

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    Global Cuisine

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    This recipe makes two loaves of traditional Swedish rye bread lightly flavoured with orange rind, caraway and fennel.

    Recipe by: Ruth Uitto

    55 reviews

    The strong flavours of caraway seeds and rye flour combine to make this New York style bread. It's very simple to make in the bread machine.

    Recipe by: Doug

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    Rye flour and white bread flour are combined to produce a lighter rye loaf. It is close textured and moist, great with soft cheeses and pickled fish.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

    82 reviews

    Mix this pumpernickel-style bread in the bread machine, but bake it in the oven. I recommend baking in the oven because the loaf is fuller and the top is much nicer.

    Recipe by: Rodney

    8 reviews

    It might seem odd to use rye flour in a sweet biscuit but the taste is addictive! I usually make these at Christmas.

    Recipe by: mittenmaker

    124 reviews

    This recipe is very simple to make and delicious, especially straight out of the bread machine with a little butter. Add more caraways seeds if you like.

    Recipe by: knowell

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    The red pigment in tomato juice gives this bread its sunny colour. You could also make it in a bread machine.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    A wholesome loaf using starter, flour and water.

    Recipe by: joshscrivener

    13 reviews

    A lovely rye bread recipe, very easy in the bread machine. A woman in my class wanted to make some bread for her husband who was allergic to wheat. She called me the next day to report it was very good.

    Recipe by: DYNAMICS

    62 reviews

    Sauerkraut makes this rye bread especially moist and tasty and it has a mouth watering aroma when baking.

    Recipe by: CAMPRNL

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