Mexican Dip

    There are wonderful range of dips originating in Mexico including guacamole, bean dips and the multi-layered dips.

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    This is a great dip for a party. It's easy and you can make it ahead of time and bake it 15 minutes before it's needed. Serve with corn chips.

    Recipe by: Erin Eckenrode

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    A well-flavoured and multi-dimensional dip. Refried beans are layered with mashed avocado, taco seasoned sour cream, tomatoes, black olives, spring onions and grated cheese. Enjoy with tortilla chips.

    Recipe by: JWEARY15

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    Guacamole, the king of the dip world. Originating in Mexico (which happens to be the king of all food, ever), this tasty dip could not be more simple to make. This is a dish that can easily be 'over-done', so many recipes I see out there throwing in spices ingredients i've never even heard of. My advice? Keep it simple. A great guacamole only needs a few ingredients to make it the perfect bowl of heaven. Follow this fool-proof recipe and you'll be well on your way. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: dontgobaconmyheart

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    A festive dip to serve with crudites that can be used all year round! How to impress when asked for something for a party!

    Recipe by: Pookie

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    This authentic Mexican guacamole with corn and tomatoes tastes great with corn chips. As with all guacamole recipes, make sure you are using ripe avocados and make just before serving.

    Recipe by: Ana Maria Gonzalez

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    This is a platter of dips inspired from Mexican flavours like Guacamole. I make a big tray of this before the football and we snack on it all the way through, by the end of the game everyone is so full I don't even need to cook dinner.

    Recipe by: KYME

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    I was looking through a cookbook I got from my trip to Texas and saw this looked good. Tip: to keep this dip hot through an entire party, simply leave it in the slow cooker on Low.

    Recipe by: barcafamily

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