Bread Machine Fruit Loaf

    Fruit loaf can be easily made in your bread machine, they can even add the fruit part way through the cycle.

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    A great bread machine recipe. Use the ripest bananas you can find as they will mix a lot easier that way.

    Recipe by: Dee

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    This is a great recipe for the bread machine, no fuss at all. Sultana bread is great toasted with just a little butter for a real treat.

    Recipe by: Rob Wilson

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    Based on the traditional Easter hot cross buns these ones can be made year round and use icing to make the cross, or you can make other shapes as desired.

    Recipe by: LITSTER5

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    I adapted this for a bread machine from an old recipe. We always have these at Easter.

    Recipe by: Julia

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    Excellent breakfast bread you can make in a bread machine. You can substitute raisins or dried cranberries for the sultanas.

    Recipe by: Tammy

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    My bread machine has a cake setting - so I used that. It wasn't quite ready when that setting had finished so I put it on for some extra minutes on the bake setting. You could also put in on dough for about 10 mins then on bake or mix it in a bowl and cook it in the oven. It tasted pretty good to me.

    Recipe by: laridae

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    If you like rum and raisin ice cream, here is the bread equivalent! It's sweet for a fruit bread and very easy to make in the bread machine.

    Recipe by: Jill M.

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    The spices and mixed peel - an ingredient often found in hot cross buns - produces a wonderfully flavourful fruit loaf. This is easy in the bread machine.

    Recipe by: Ron Evers

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    Using your bread machine you can make this easy apple bread using stewed apples or tinned apple pie filling.

    Recipe by: Dee

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    The bread machine recipe makes a rich golden fruit bread. Golden syrup adds a warm, sweet note. It makes fantastic toast, too.

    Recipe by: Cheryl

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