No Cook Dessert (128)

    Whether it’s a dessert at the end of a long meal or a spontaneous quick dessert, there are many great no cook recipes for making something sweet quickly.

    Top No Cook Dessert Recipes

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    Blackberry fool is such an easy to make dessert with no cooking required. You will love the berry flavour and thick creamy texture.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    A non-alchoholic spin, kid friendly on the classic chocolate balls or truffles. These are always a yummy hit.

    Recipe by: B.B.

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    Very easy to make. No cooking required! TASTY! Perfect for an afternoon or morning tea or even a picnic or packed lunch.

    Recipe by: starbe

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    A refreshing dessert with mangoes and bananas, plain yogurt and honey. Quick, healthy and tastes great, you can't go wrong.

    Recipe by: Robyn Webb

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    This is the easiest Rice Bubbles snack you will ever make, perfect for a cake stall. As a variation, you can add Smarties, chocolate chips or nuts.

    Recipe by: SHECOOKS2

    No Cook Dessert Videos

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    How to Make Strawberry Ice Cream

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