Mousse Cake

    This coffee shop favourite is actually quite easy to make at home with simple recipes for all mousse cake versions to layer cakes using the mousse as a filling.

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    A luscious flourless chocolate mousse cake that requires no cooking - except for some stovetop melting. Surprisingly easy despite the oohs and ahhs you'll receive!!!

    Recipe by: Kikine2008

    19 reviews

    This is an easy to make chocolate mousse cake dessert that is made over a base of lady fingers. Note this uses raw eggs.

    Recipe by: Sherry

    3 reviews

    An unforgettable and unique combination that looks as gorgeous as it is to eat! An inventive sweet basil cheesecake is covered in a creamy strawberry mousse. Guests will ooh and aah over this stunning cheesecake!

    Recipe by: Beataƚniechowska

    20 reviews

    This is a great chocolate mousse cake that has a slight taste of coffee, it makes a rich chocolate dessert that is a favourite in our house.

    Recipe by: shirleyo

    130 reviews

    This is a great chilled chocolate mousse cake with fresh strawberries for decoration. Perfect in warmer months.

    Recipe by: JJOHN32

    10 reviews

    Who doesn't love chocolate mousse? This mousse cake has only four ingredients and is easy to make. Keep in mind it contains raw eggs so use good ones.

    Recipe by: LJ8677

    43 reviews

    This chocolate mousse cake takes at least a day to set up but the waiting is worth it! Chocolate mousse on top of chocolate cake, what's not to love?

    Recipe by: Krissyp

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    This multi-layer cake is a lot less work than it looks! It has two fillings, raspberry sauce and chocolate mousse.

    Recipe by: anton

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