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    Here are a few different ideas for pie pastry recipes including shortcrust pastry, yeast pastry, pumpkin pastry, cheese pastry and sweet pastry for dessert pies.

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    4 reviews

    A tasty cheese and finely diced onion pie that is baked in a homemade pastry. The trick to making such delicious pastry is by using lard. I hope you enjoy.

    Recipe by: lib6258

    7 reviews

    Mouth watering yet simple, quick and delicious - looks great. Serve with a salad and baked sweet potatoes.

    Recipe by: KarenR

    9 reviews

    Ten years ago, while visiting a bakery in the small seaside village of Hastings in S.E. Victoria, I was fortunate to try a Pepper Steak Pie. This pie was a must try to create at home, after experiencing what I had found is a great example of the perfect Pepper Steak Pie. You need to let this steak mix cool for at least three hours before you bake it-overnight is ideal. Try this out :)

    Recipe by: Sthn_Cook

    140 reviews

    It's an original French recipe my mum used to make. Great to eat with a salad any time of year. Absolutely delicious!!! Can be prepared the day before and served as a entree or main.

    Recipe by: plumedargent

    29 reviews

    I love pies (my favourite meal is pie and mashed potatoes!) but I don't like the fat content of the pastry so I came up with this simple but very delicious idea. Use as you would any ordinary pastry or for pasties. All measurements are approximate. If you don't like the hassle of peeling the butternut pumpkin you can split it in half, take out the seeds and roast in a hot oven until it's soft about 30 - 45 minutes.

    Recipe by: hidy_lady

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