Chocolate Chip Cake (29)

    Chocolate chips make everything better - try the chocolate chip cupcakes, chocolate chip cheesecake, or one of our other delicious chocolate chip cake recipes.

    Top Chocolate Chip Cake Recipes

    14 reviews

    This is a deliciously spicy chocolate chip oatmeal cake with a chewy texture. The ingredients are mixed in a saucepan.

    Recipe by: WHTETAIL

    16 reviews

    Sometimes you just need chocolate and this loaf cake delivers; chocolate cake with chocolate chips, so why not ice with chocolate icing as well?

    Recipe by: SloeWolf

    536 reviews

    Ok, so mayonnaise isn't something you would normally find in a cupcake recipe, but for whatever reason it works and makes really moist cupcakes.

    Recipe by: scholzy

    20 reviews

    White and dark chocolate chips go into creating these cupcakes. They are perfect for an over indulgence of chocolate at Easter or Valentine’s Day.

    Recipe by: bakingmum09

    352 reviews

    Chocolate chips and banana are a tantalizing combination in this easy to make cake recipe that is perfect for a get together or time alone.

    Recipe by: Debbie Menges

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