Poached Fish

Poaching is a gentle and moist way of cooking fish while maintaining its flavours and structure. There are many recipes that include use of milk and stocks.

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Fresh and tender salmon steaks are plunged into a boiling hot stock made of onions, carrots, celery and dry white wine. The salmon absorbs the flavour.

Recipe by: GINGER P

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Salmon is so delicate and tasty it needs an elegant presentation like this where it is served with a simple yoghurt dill sauce. Serve with steamed asparagus.

Recipe by: Karena

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This is a light, delicate dish with subtle lemon and orange flavours. Nice for a dinner party! An easy entertaining meal that will delight your guests!

Recipe by: Chef Dave

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It doesn't get simpler than this! Poach your salmon fillets in hot chicken stock with dill for flavour and you'll come back for more.

Recipe by: Rachel Nohe

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The sweet-sour kumquats form a lovely contrast with tuna steaks in this aromatic dish. Serve with couscous.

Recipe by: MOTTS

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Often called "Salmon Piccata", this seafood main is fresh salmon stakes poached in lemon juice and chicken stock then served topped with a buttery caper sauce.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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Snapper is cooked in a fragrant Asian-style stock. If you don't have any tamarind you can substitute distilled malt vinegar, as the tamarind juice lends a sour flavour.

Recipe by: Kim Abdullah

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Salmon is a very versatile fish. Here it is poached and mixed with cream cheese, lemon and Tabasco to make a delicious dip.


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Microwaves are very good at poaching fish, as this recipe will show. You can prepare this wonderfully savoury salmon dinner in 6 minutes! Serve with rice or pasta.

Recipe by: Saori

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This dish is a simple, moist and delicious way to prepare fresh salmon fillets. Serve with mashed potato and a salad.

Recipe by: lor

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