Mars Bar Slice

With a Mars Bar being the key ingredient in this slice it is guaranteed to be sweet and taste great, just try not to eat too many.

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This delicious recipe is a guilty pleasure of mine. Enjoy a chewy crunchy caramel base with a rich chocolate ganache over the top that melts in your mouth... You can also do all the melting/heating in the microwave, but it's never quite as good!

Recipe by: chorazy

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A fun cake which is very gooey and everyone I know that's tasted it has loved it. Make it with the kids!

Recipe by: Millie93

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Its the most gorgeous fudge ever! apart from my mint fudge (will put that one up later)

Recipe by: stefanie

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This easy mars bar slice uses rice bubbles, mars bars and marshmallows. This recipe can be doubled easily and is great for kids parties.

Recipe by: ELIZABETH101

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Yummy sweet treat, can be a bit addictive. Cheap and real easy to make =) Times are estimates...

Recipe by: EzyPeezy

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These are a decadent treat that should been eaten wisely or your waist line will suffer. Oat base with chocolate layer then a toffee layer finished off with a crumble.

Recipe by: Anonymous

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