Canapes are a small and delicate finger food that are ideal for a formal entree or fancy cocktail party.

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A cute little canape to maximise the flavours of the famous Italian combination. Great fingerfood recipe for parties.

Recipe by: figandcherry

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This is a great pizza inspired canape recipe for any party or get together. By keeping the toppings simple they are really easy to make.

Recipe by: BushCook

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Beautiful little canapes which are pinwheels of smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes and goat's cheese.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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The ingredients combine really well in this recipe to make a sweet, slightly tangy canape. The final result is an elegant and creamy finger food that works particularly well at parties and Christmas time.

Recipe by: TastyFood

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If you can get fresh chanterelle mushrooms, these little tarts with cheese and pancetta make very elegant canapes for parties.

Recipe by: GOODHOOD

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In an attempt to come up with an inventive appetiser for a dinner party, I discovered this wonderful combination of smoky salmon, sour currants, tangy feta and rich pine nuts. Served on a spoon they are perfect bite-sized nibbles with an aperitif.

Recipe by: Morsels

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If you like liver you will love these easy canapes. Elegant and subtle, perfect for a dinner party. Even if you are not a liver fan, give them a try.

Recipe by: DONNAJJ48

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Who said eating healthy had to taste or look bad. These are great party food that are super healthy and carb free.

Recipe by: Nikki

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These are a very easy and quick entree or finger food that combine baguette, cream cheese, basil and capicola.

Recipe by: jensenly

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These elegant little canapes are ready in only a few minutes. Rye bread is a good complement to smoked salmon.

Recipe by: rolypoly

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