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    Tortellini are ring-shaped pasta usually stuffed with meat, chicken or cheese. They can be served with a sauce like any other pasta or in a broth or soup recipe. Try tortellini and chicken sausage soup, easy creamy tortellini or tortellini with zesty tomato sauce!

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    This has to be pure comfort food, very easy to make and easier to eat! Enjoy this hearty soup made with plenty of great ingredients and lots of taste!

    Recipe by: Jane Lightle

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    Ricotta and spinach make the most classic vegetarian pairing in Italian cooking. In the traditional "tortellini di magro", it's used also as filling for tortellini, the famous ring-shaped stuffed egg pasta from Bologna.

    Recipe by: alemarsi

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    This is my hearty "bowl of comfort" to eat while curled up in front of TV on a winter's evening....and it's so easy to throw together! You could even add mushrooms, eschallots or even spinach for a variation.

    Recipe by: Linda

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    You haven't had a pasta salad like this one! So different from the usual Italian dressing pasta salads.

    Recipe by: jmackinnell

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    Some dried herbs and tortellini transform the simplest lunch into something, well, almost sophisticated. Great with toasted cheese sandwiches.

    Recipe by: STACEYO

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      Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini

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