Bagels are unique in the world of bread, needing to be boiled before being baked. There are a range of recipes that explore this technique.

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This recipe is for the traditional method of making bagels where they are boiled before you bake them, after boiling you can add a range of toppings as desired.

Recipe by: Jandl

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Although bagels are regarded as difficult to make I find them not too bad even though there are a two steps to be considered, 1/ boiled 2/ baked.

Recipe by: Sally

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These pizzas are so easy to make and you can use whatever toppings you like. Kids love them and so do I.

Recipe by: mumofsix

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A loaf of bread which tastes like bagels. Make it in the bread machine overnight so you can have warm bagel bread in the morning.

Recipe by: Holly

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You can make real American style bagels at home with the help of your bread maker. Feel free to put whatever you want on top like cheese or sesame seeds.

Recipe by: Cristy Chu

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This is a quick and delicious lunch of tuna and cheese melted on bagels with a little mustard to spice things up!

Recipe by: lkk

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Lovely bagel sandwiches with cucumber, onion and tomato and fresh dill and tarragon. Healthy and delicious.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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This is a recipe for those feeling adventurous. Making bagels is a little time-consuming, but the hot and fresh results make it well worth the effort. Top with sugar or poppy seeds if desired.

Recipe by: Ann

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An easy baked egg with a baked portobello mushroom in a toasted bagel. Easy, fast and a perfect way to start the day. You can add some diced chives to the egg or even grated cheese.

Recipe by: gemgem

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Bagels are a quick, easy and different base for your next pizza. Add the toppings that you want then chuck under the grill. Great for a quick lunch!

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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