Custard Cake

Custard and cake are becoming a popular combination whether it cake with layers of custard or custard powder being used as an ingredient in the cake batter.

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I love custard and I love, I have combined them both for a double it warm with a little vanilla ice cream for a triple treat!

Recipe by: bobo

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It's not quite a cake, it's not quite a pudding, it's not quite custard but it is very lemony and refreshing. Great with vanilla ice cream.

Recipe by: Mare

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The first time I tried cooking with custard powder in my cakes I was really pleased with the outcome, now it is one of my preferred options.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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A Norwegian almond cake with a custard topping for a special occasion and/or for dessert. Incredibly rich but gluten free!

Recipe by: TIGERDYR

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This is a very popular German cake recipe with cherries, vanilla custard and chocolate! The Donau is a river and Welle is the German word for wave.

Recipe by: snowflake

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This is a great plum cake with a layer of sweet custard on top. It's equally good served warm or cold.

Recipe by: Pat-H

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This is a great almond flavoured custard designed to be used as a cake filling but I have also used it hot on some desserts.

Recipe by: Brenda Benzar Butler

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Mung beans are probably the last thing you expect to find in a dessert but they work well in this Thai baked custard.

Recipe by: Wiley

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This is a delicious dessert which combines all the best parts of custard, pudding and cake. Serve warm or chilled.

Recipe by: SpicyChick

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This cake is easy to make and tastes really great. The layers of pastry and custard give it a wonderful rustic look.

Recipe by: ArabianMaiden

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