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Australia is lucky enough to boast a wide range of edible crab species so for a real seafood treat try some of these great recipes for chilli crab, crab cakes and crab salads.

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These prawn and crab filled pastry puffs are also loaded with spinach, tarragon and bechamel sauce. By making these large it is a meal instead of an entree.

Recipe by: nostatic

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Crab cakes are very easy to make and a hit at parties. Freshly picked crabmeat is the best. Serve with coarse mustard on the plate.

Recipe by: LINDACHEK

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A spicy crab souffle which is not hard to make. It's just as lovely if you use lobster. A great special occasion dish.

Recipe by: Esmee

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If you use a premade pastry shell this seafood quiche is extremely simple to make using crab and Gruyere or Swiss cheese. Tangy and lovely!

Recipe by: Christine Johnson

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Tasty crab meat combined with mayonnaise, spring onions, lime juice, freshly grated ginger and Tabasco sauce. They are dipped in egg, crumbed then fried.

Recipe by: dakota kelly

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