Persimmon is a fruit that is becoming more popular with dessert recipes including it more frequently including cakes, fruit salads and puddings.

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    Persimmons are delicious baked in a cake with spices. A fresh persimmon should feel soft and jellylike when ripe.

    Recipe by: Stephanie

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    Persimmons need to be very soft to be ripe but they are a treat not to be missed. This cake is great with cream cheese icing.

    Recipe by: kmusgrave

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    You cannot get a more colourful dessert that this fruit salad that includes apples, pears, persimmon and raspberried that are dressed with a kirsch and orange juice dressing.

    Recipe by: Kathrin75

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    Persimmons are a very sweet fruit so this tart does not have any added sugar. Serve warm or cold with a dash of thickened cream.

    Recipe by: matoutina

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    Yoghurt is flavoured with cinnamon and honey then placed in baked filo cups and topped with fruit. If you can't find persimmons or pomegranates the recipe can be easily modified to include any seasonal fruits that may be available.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    This is a light and delicious baked persimmon cheesecake. It has a tasty crust made of ground walnuts.

    Recipe by: schmecktgut

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    Persimmons are delicious and here's a new way to serve them. This spiced persimmon pudding is easy to prepare and topped with a sweet brandy whipped cream.

    Recipe by: Stephanie

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    Here's an unusual use for persimmons - in a savoury salad, tossed with hazelnuts and dressed with a nut oil salad dressing.

    Recipe by: Nicola

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    Fresh muesli is a world apart from dried. This one is juicy and flavoured with figs, apricots, apples, persimmons and passionfruit.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    This Korean inspired kimchi dish uses Chinese cabbage, ginger root, radish, cucumber and ripe persimmon. It is allowed to ferment for 3 days before serving.

    Recipe by: henry

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