Apple Streusel

    Apple is often accompanied with a streusel topping whether in an apple crumble style, on a cake, slice or even muffins.

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    This is a wonderful tea cake that I like to make for special occasions. I love the inclusion of the fresh apples and cinnamon flavoured streusel on top.

    Recipe by: BushCook

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    German recipe for a juicy luscious apple cake with yummy crumble topping. Great with cream or ice cream.

    Recipe by: allPowerde

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    This is a beautiful apple dessert with a pie shell containing a cottage cheese layer then an apple layer and finally topped with a streusel. Perfect served hot with cream or ice cream.

    Recipe by: anton

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    Muffins make a great grab and go breakfast and snack. These ones are particularly good if you have time to cook them just before you eat them.

    Recipe by: Kelly R.

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    This is a traditional Ukrainian Apple Cake known as 'Yabluchnyk'. It is a delicious cake which is easy to prepare.

    Recipe by: Olga Drozd

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    Sour cream is the key ingredient in keeping this cake moist with the apples and apple jam creating a sweet flavour whilst the walnut and cinnamon streusel it the perfect finishing touch.

    Recipe by: Carol

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    This is a delightful slice that has a layer of applesauce and then one of a streusel topping. It is perfect as a morning or afternoon tea.

    Recipe by: manuela

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    A wonderful apple pie recipe with a streusel topping. It saves the roll-out, because the dough is simply pressed into the mold.

    Recipe by: anton

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    This is a delightful apple pie that has a traditional apple pie base then a streusel topping. It looks as good as it tastes.

    Recipe by: ApplePie

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    The easiest way to describe this cake is that it's similar to a butter cake with apple crumble on top. My friends and family love it and I already have several orders for Christmas (as in: please make me one instead of buying me a present!) it was even such a hit with my partner that he refused to share the one I recently made.

    Recipe by: anita_parsons

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