Aniseed (22)

    Aniseed is the whole seed of the anise plant, used mainly in recipes like aniseed balls, humbugs and aniseed wheels.

    Top Aniseed Recipes

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    If you are looking for a dairy free biscuit that is a little different this is the one for you. Aniseed is the primary flavour in these easy to prepare biscuits.

    Recipe by: Claudia_Meilinger

    37 reviews

    These are crunchy biscuits a bit like biscotti but simpler to make, with only four ingredients. Perfect for afternoon tea or with coffee.

    Recipe by: Debbi

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    Anise biscuits are a great recipe option that my German Grandma used to make regularly and now I am keeping the tradition alive.

    Recipe by: JBS BOX

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    These biscuits are a little like almond biscotti but lighter and easier to make. You can also experiment with different flavours of essence.

    Recipe by: Patti

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    These delicious biscotti have a hint of licorice flavour from the ground star anise and can be stored in an airtight container for over a month.

    Recipe by: Laria Tabul

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