Tinned Tuna

    There is always a tin of tuna in the cupboard as a standby when you are too busy to get fresh meat; these recipes make the most of this versatile ingredient.

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    This is a beautiful combination of tuna fish and panetta cooked in a summery white wine and lemon sauce.

    Recipe by: senoritapupnstuff

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    There are many versions of the classic Niçoise salad. This one has a creamy garlicky dressing flecked with fragrant basil leaves.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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    Sometimes you don't want a heavy spaghetti sauce. This one uses tinned tuna, garlic and capers for bright flavours.

    Recipe by: Amanda

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    When I was in high school we made tuna pasta in Home Ec, this recipe has been changed gradually over the years to become a tuna risotto thats much loved in my house. Makes a great meal with a green salad, or a simple side dish.

    Recipe by: B.B.

    16 reviews

    One of my favourite dishes that my mother used to make. Simple to make and always a hit amongst family and friends.

    Recipe by: emmie88

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    What a lovely light and healthy lunch. Rice is combined with ready made pesto and tinned tuna. Serve with lemon wedges if you like a bit of zest.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    Unlike most tuna bakes that use pasta this one uses rice. It has a unique puffy and light quality with subtle flavours.

    Recipe by: Marcy

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    Tuna and zucchini are a great combination - if you haven't tried it, do! This is a very easy dinner.

    Recipe by: G.R.

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    This is a very simple recipe for making tuna and vegie balls that are baked in the oven. I triple the recipe and freeze three uncooked portions in a glass dish starting with a bottom layer, then a piece of baking paper, then a second layer, another piece of baking paper and then a third layer and foil over the top. They freeze well for about a month.

    Recipe by: TastyFood

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    Broccoli, carrots and capsicum gives this tuna noodle casserole a bit of colour. Add a green salad for a filling meal, if desired.

    Recipe by: sal

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