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    Make a batch of chocolate brownies today from our recipes including traditional brownies, chai brownies, gluten-free brownies and chocolate chilli brownies.

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    4 reviews

    Few people can resist chocolate, put it in a brownie and it gets even better. Try serving this version as a quick and easy dessert with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    43 reviews

    This is truly the best ever chocolate brownie recipe I have ever tasted. It is simple but creates a great result.

    Recipe by: nikki

    21 reviews

    A very quick chocolate fix that is easy to make and completely delicious. A great base recipe you can customise.

    Recipe by: chorazy

    9018 reviews

    Brownies are a traditional American snack and dessert icon and this is a great recipe for a rich chocolate brownie and matching icing.

    Recipe by: Angie

    20 reviews

    *Warning to young consumers* These brownies contain butter beans which are good for you! Don't worry too much though they still have two other important ingredients... sugar and chocolate. Do you need gluten free treats? These are the answer and they are simple to make!

    Recipe by: JASANDA100

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