Chicken Legs

    The chicken leg contains the drumstick and the thigh. Chicken legs are great for casserole, in apricot chicken or marinated then cooked on the BBQ.

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    Global Cuisine

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    Super easy to make and just delicious! Sure to satisfy the family. Chicken and potatoes baked in Italian spices with a little tomato.

    Recipe by: rrratze

    5 reviews

    A very tasty, one pot casserole with a rich gravy. Comfort food and very moorish! You can brown the chicken in a frypan if its easier.

    Recipe by: CharlieB

    2 reviews

    A very tasty and easy dish. Chicken drumsticks baked with potatoes, herbs and lemon juice. Use any chicken parts, bone in or boneless.

    Recipe by: Shazzzles

    4 reviews

    Chicken legs are marinated in a homemade marinade containing lemon, garlic and white wine before being baked.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

    30 reviews

    A simple, very flavourful chicken dish which hails from nothern Greece. Prunes and onions make it sweet and paprika makes it smoky.

    Recipe by: Diana

    1 review

    This is a very nice hearty dish. Chicken legs are browned and served on a bed of rice, topped with stewed tomatoes and grated cheese. Broccoli and carrots round out the meal.

    Recipe by: mrscuddles

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    This recipe is one that has to be started at least the day before, as the chicken needs to have time to dry out, to create the nice crisp skin that you will find in many Asian restaurants.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

    3 reviews

    You'll love this chicken and corn soup plus it's a good way to make use of leftover roast chicken. You can use sweet sherry if you don't have the Chinese cooking wine.

    Recipe by: VeeBear

    45 reviews

    This is an easy to make chicken noodle soup that includes ginger, onion, spring onion and bok choy with the boiled chicken and rice noodles.

    Recipe by: Mama Smith

    25 reviews

    It's not an exact match for KFC but its fairly close and tastes great. The spice mix also works well on other meat.

    Recipe by: TallEnglishGent

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