Rocket is a popular green salad leaf that can be found in recipes including burgers, sandwiches, pitas and salads.

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    The best! A salad that works equally well in summer or winter. Toasting the walnuts gives them extra flavour.

    Recipe by: isobel

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    This pesto-based pizza is a simple and delicious variation to your average pizza. The fresh rocket is added after the pizza has cooked. It'll take minutes to make and will disappear in even less time!

    Recipe by: collmarie

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    This is a great starter or party finger food. It's a delicious combination of fresh tomatoes, garlic and rocket.

    Recipe by: Esmee

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    This is my favourite summer salad. It is such a delicious assortment of fresh and tasty flavours. I like to dress it with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

    Recipe by: susanbl

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    Since we eat most salad leaves fresh and raw, they're a reliable source of vitamin C. Leafy greens also supply beta-carotene, folate and some minerals.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    I grew up eating fennel and I've noticed its getting more common here. For all the fennel lovers like me, here is a delicious and good looking recipe combing it with rocket. For the non fennel lovers, you can easily substitute celery.

    Recipe by: Ms. P.

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    Here's a hearty tomato and wine based stew with fresh basil, rocket and chilli flakes for piquant flavours.

    Recipe by: amanda1432

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    This is a very simple and tasty recipe for a filling and tasty salad.

    Recipe by: Vikil

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    This is a very easy fish recipe with a nice fresh tang from the green herb topping. You could also cook the fish on the barbecue.

    Recipe by: erin devill

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    Here's my idea of the perfect steak. Take a nice cut of some quality beef and pair it with a salad that is simple, yet more exciting than the traditional iceberg lettuce-dominated affair.

    Recipe by: ChrisTaylor

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