Rocket (55)

    Rocket is a popular green salad leaf that can be found in recipes including burgers, sandwiches, pitas and salads.

    Top Rocket Recipes

    236 reviews

    A quick, fabulous and nutritious salad. You can use either baby rocket or wild rocket in this dish.

    Recipe by: KELLID26

    59 reviews

    Sautéed asparagus, pancetta and rocket tossed in pasta with rocket and lemon juice make a simple flavourful dinner with minimal cooking. I often use spaghetti for this and you can substitute any pasta. Serve with grated parmesan if liked.

    Recipe by: Asiangirl

    8 reviews

    A one-dish meal of fish and lots of vitamin-rich vegetables. The fish cooks on top of the potatoes, tomatoes and rocket.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    19 reviews

    Here's a different take on pesto - walnuts instead of pine nuts, and rocket to give it a spicy, peppery taste. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Jessica

    5 reviews

    A tasty alternative to the traditonal basil pesto. Easy to make and delicious. Use with pasta, on toast, over meat or vegetables. Can be stored in a screw top jar for later use.

    Recipe by: MaggieC

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