Roast Capsicum (40)

    Looking for a recipe for roast capsicum soup or roast capsicum dip? Perhaps you prefer them stuffed and baked? Look here for delicious roast capsicum recipes.

    Top Roast Capsicum Recipes

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    This is a simple way to roast capsicums for use in any recipe. Choose any colour capsicums you like,and it's even quicker if you use the grill. After they are roasted you can add olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or lightly pan-fry in olive oil and garlic to serve with feta cheese on crunchy toast.

    Recipe by: FISHLOVE

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    I came up with this sandwich on my own after I decided to experiment with some ingredients from the fridge. My husband absolutely loved it! Sprinkling the outside of the sandwich before frying really makes it.

    Recipe by: LORIMCLAREN

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    Capsicums are rich in cancer-fighting anti-oxidants and a good amount of parsley adds more beta carotene and vitamin C to the mix.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    A delightfully tangy pesto that is sure to enthrall even the pickiest set of tastebuds.

    Recipe by: Sabrinee

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    Roasted capsicum has so many uses - salads, added to quiches, sandwiches - the list goes on! It's very simple to make and tastes sweet and earthy.

    Recipe by: TastyFood

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