Lemon Pepper

    Lemon and pepper are a great combination that can be bought in a lemon and pepper spice blend or created in a dish from fresh lemon and cracked pepper.

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    This healthy and flavoursome roast is enhanced by lemon zest, a hint of sherry, and freshly ground pepper.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    Sometimes the simplest preparations are the best, and this goes double for fish. This is very easy and very tasty.

    Recipe by: Auntie KK

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    A great way to cook fresh fish fillets. Also works well with whole small fish like garfish or bream. Serve with rice and a salad.

    Recipe by: Hallie Guilfoyle

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    An easy pasta with some of the flavour of scampi. You can substitute the prawns in this recipe with crab or scallops, or you could use a mixture of all three types of seafood.

    Recipe by: Catherine Neal

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    This has to be the easiest way to prepare a tasty fish dinner. Serve with side dishes of white rice or pasta and a crisp green salad.

    Recipe by: Auntie KK

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    This is a delicious microwave chicken recipe is flavoured with parmesan, white wine and lemon pepper.

    Recipe by: Alice Birrell

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    This is a dish that my wife's mother has taught my wife... it is a good pre dinner or party dish that has a lot of flavour and is really easy with the use of a few ingredients... Will keep in airtight container for 2 days. Having said that it doesn't last that long in my house.

    Recipe by: steggs

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    Gravalax is a Scandanavian salmon classic but this recipe uses Australian native spices in the marinade. Slice thinly and serve with dill sprigs and walnut bread.

    Recipe by: Herbie's Spices

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