Copha is a very Australian ingredient that is effectively coconut oil. It is often used as a substitute for butter or lard making it a great option for dairy free and vegans, it also means it can be found in a wide range of recipes.

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    When you start craving something sweet for your next afternoon treat these treats are perfect. Sweet and delicious and full of ingredients you love, once you try one you will be hooked.

    Recipe by: MikkyZ

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    This is one I learned as a teenager and now I've started making it again for the dreaded fundraisers! It's simple - the only cooking is melting the copha.

    Recipe by: isobel

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    The real trick with this cake is to start it out in a cold oven and it will turn out perfectly every time. A very easy and satisfying butter cake.

    Recipe by: Morgan

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    I love this slice recipe that is rich with cherry and coconut flavours over a chocolate base but still easy to make at home.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

    42 reviews

    This recipe dates from the Depression era when eggs, butter and milk were in short supply. You'll be surprised how easy and delicious it is!

    Recipe by: Lynn-Pgh

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    These are a party favourite, cupcakes that look like little frogs. My kids love them and ask for them to be made at every special event.

    Recipe by: jenniferb

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    Peanut butter cupcakes are delicious and when my babysitter used to make them for us we scarfed them in five minutes!

    Recipe by: 93CAMILLA39

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    These spicy oatmeal raisin biscuits make your kitchen smell wonderful while they are baking. Make sure you get some, because they don't last long!

    Recipe by: Beth Sigworth

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    If you're a fan of chocolate cake, you must try this recipe. This moist and flavourful cake is make especially decadent through the addition of chocolate fudge icing.

    Recipe by: Joan

    44 reviews

    This is a delicious chocolate pound cake which is lighter than a typical pound cake. It keeps well and tastes even better the next day.

    Recipe by: m-ann

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