Chocolate Cookies (36)

    The best cookie of them all is the chocolate cookie maybe just beaten by the chocolate chip chocolate cookie; try these recipes and decide yourself.

    Top Chocolate Cookie Recipes

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    Great recipe that I found & adapted from the Cadbury Dark Chocolate Chips packaging. Its been an absolute hit with everyone. My hubby loves the light biscuits with the dark chocolate chips whilst I love the chocolate cookies with the sunflower seed mix. A sure hit with everyone!

    Recipe by: karrimebub

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    These are chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips for a colour reversal! Great with a glass of milk.

    Recipe by: Ruth

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    Another great cookie cutting project to share with the kids. Once cooled, you can ice them, add sprinkles, dust with icing sugar or simply dip them in melted white chocolate. (They need 2 hrs refrigeration time before rolling out)

    Recipe by: Linda

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    These delicious cookies are like a chocolate shortbread - with coconut and cornflakes. They have a nice bite to the taste which the lemon icing helps to brings out. They are a real family favourite as they are easy and quick to make.

    Recipe by: Xanthe

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    I was given some of these biscuits as a 'Thank You' gift in the early 90's and they have become a firm favourite in our family. I've never had a failure with these - even when I once forgot the baking powder and baking soda and had to take the rolled balls off the trays and back into the bowl to mix these in!

    Recipe by: kashth

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