Apple Salad (29)

Looking for healthy crisp salads why not try a salad containing apples? The most famous apple salad recipe is the Waldorf salad but there many other options.

Top Apple Salad Recipes

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This is a great sweet-sour and crunchy salad. The mustard perfectly complements the fruit and walnuts.

Recipe by: Barrett

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This salad has a lovely mix of fruit and vegetables and a little curry powder for some zing. Better if you can make it the day ahead.

Recipe by: Karen L. Baker

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A lovely colourful side dish that is simple to make. Instead of using tinned you can buy fresh beetroot and green beans and boil or steam until tender.

Recipe by: Jodi Larsen

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This is a bit like a Waldolf salad but with a balsamic vinaigrette. Great for leftover roast chicken. Serve it on a bed of green salad leaves.

Recipe by: CHRISTYJ

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This is a beautiful fresh salad using beetroot, apples and walnuts that is finished off with a balsamic, honey and horseradish dressing.

Recipe by: Caroline

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