Asparagus Salad (32)

    Asparagus is a delightful spring vegetable that is perfect in a range of salads from traditional green salads to more unusual couscous and pasta salads.

    Top Asparagus Salad Recipes

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    I love this combination. It happened by accident and now I make it often. It is quick yet filling so it can be a main or side.

    Recipe by: ABLOOM

    75 reviews

    At first this seems like a strange combination but the recipe works with the smoky salmon, crunchy pecans and fresh peas and lettuce is a tart Dijon and lemon dressing.

    Recipe by: MOMMYBENNETT

    77 reviews

    The nutty flavour of farro grains balances with the salty Parmesan and tart cranberries in this tasty salad. Plan ahead, as the farro needs to soak overnight. It's a lovely salad for picnics.

    Recipe by: Duncan

    64 reviews

    Chicken and avocado complement each other perfectly and mangoes add sweetness. Served with a tangy lime dressing.

    Recipe by: GREENLIME

    52 reviews

    Here's an usual take on the side salad - asparagus, cucumber and spring onions tossed with cold rice. Great BBQ side dish.

    Recipe by: Barrett

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