Sardines are a convenient and delicious little fish, at their best lightly fried and served in recipes like crostini or bruscetta.

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    Although the pie is traditionally Cornish I'm not sure how authentic this is. However it is the one I remember from my childhood and which I rediscovered in my mother's very old and tatty recipe book. I have tweaked it a bit here and there and I'm flexible about the vegetable filling.

    Recipe by: hippychris

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    Sarde in saor is one of the most iconic dish from Venice. It's an appetizer of fried sardines marinated with caramelized onions, raisin and pine nuts. You might have tried this dish during your trip to Venice and fell in love. Here it's how to make it.

    Recipe by: italianMondays

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    I got this recipe off of one of my favourite blogs and tweaked it a bit, adding fresh and dried herbs and a few different ingredients. This is a great recipe for anyone who loves sardines, and for those who think they don't! Serve on crackers or toast.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    Sardines on toast never tasted so good. Here they are given a new twist by the addition of strong Mediterranean flavours.

    Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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    In your quest for healthy foods, don't overlook the humble sardine, a rich source of protein, calcium (from the bones) and omega-3 fatty acids.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    Sardines are marinated in thyme before being grilled and served on a hot roast potato salad that is flavoured with fresh parsley and olives.

    Recipe by: VAL_51

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    Fresh sardines are always bursting with flavour, and here they are given a crunchy coating of lemon juice, olive oil, dill, garlic and mixed peppercorns, then grilled with aromatic rosemary.

    Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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