Sardines are a convenient and delicious little fish, at their best lightly fried and served in recipes like crostini or bruscetta.

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    This is a fast and easy pasta dish and it is also delicious! You can keep all the ingredients on hand with easy.

    Recipe by: SONNYCHIBA

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    Salami, sardines, olives, capers and sun dried tomatoes lend plenty of punch and flavour to this easy pasta meal.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    There is nothing like a good sandwich, this one uses tinned sardines that are mashed and combined with shallots, chilli and lime juice.

    Recipe by: Suhara

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    Fresh sardines are fried to a crispy golden brown, and drizzled with a garlic and white wine vinaigrette then topped off with a sprinkling of fresh mint leaves.

    Recipe by: salvatore

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    This is an old Italian recipe passed down by many generations of my family. It's mainly used in small servings, and is great as an entrée spread on bread or as a dip with vegetables.

    Recipe by: crd5055

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    These yummy rissoles are sardines in tomato sauce mashed up in potatoes and then battered and fried up until golden brown on both sides. Sprinkle with vinegar.

    Recipe by: mamabake

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    Tinned sardines are flaked then mixed with celery, capsicum and red onion. Seasoned to taste with celery salt and lime juice, then served on toast with watercress.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    In your quest for healthy foods, don't overlook the humble sardine, a rich source of protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    These couscous-stuffed sardines can be prepared earlier in the day and keep in the refrigerator. Easy and delicious.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    This is a traditional Italian way of serving pasta, quite simple but a powerful combination of flavours. The leftovers taste good the next day too!

    Recipe by: Mama Adg

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