Black Beans (77)

    Whether you are thinking of black turtle beans or Asian black bean sauce (actually made from fermented and salted soybeans) these recipes have you covered.

    Top Black Bean Recipes

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    Black beans cooked in this style are a popular side dish recipe in Mexican and Latin American cultures. The beans can be hard to find but are worth it being packed with fibre and nutrients.

    Recipe by: Cameron

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    A very traditional Brazilian stew made of black beans, sausage and all the tasty bits of pork. For a traditional Brazilian spread, serve with white rice and collard greens.

    Recipe by: Gra├žaRibeiro

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    This is a rich Brazilian stew recipe that combines Chorizo and ham with sweet potato, capsicum, tomatoes and black beans.

    Recipe by: CRVGRL

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    Black beans and sweet potatoes are spiced with chillies, cumin and garlic, then grilled for a great vegetarian main or burger. They can also be fried. These black beans are not the Asian black beans in sauce but the Latin American-style black beans.

    Recipe by: CHRISTINA5362

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    Spicy, sweet, colorful and delicious - serve as a dip with tortilla crisps, or as a topping for barbecued meats and fish.

    Recipe by: SVPORTER

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      Feijoada - Traditional Brazilian black bean and meat stew

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