Corn Soup (28)

Corn is an ingredient to brighten up any soup recipe! Try chicken and corn soup, tomato and corn soup or even just pureed corn on its own.

Top Corn Soup Recipes

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A satisfying vegetable soup which is best with fresh seasonal corn. You can substitute canned corn if you prefer but fresh is better.

Recipe by: lucky

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This hearty soup tastes really creamy, yet it doesn't contain any cream! Made with cooked chicken and fresh corn and potatoes, with a garnish of grilled bacon, it's substantial enough for lunch, served with crusty wholemeal bread.

Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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Fresh chicken and corn chips with vegetables. Makes for a delicious, warm soup. Try garnishing with cheese and/or a little sour cream.

Recipe by: Betty

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Try this light and delicious creamy butternut pumpkin and corn soup. This is so simple but makes an excellent lunch to freshen your mood and put a smile on your face.

Recipe by: yumn

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This is a deliciously sweet tasting soup because of the natural sugars in the pumpkin and corn - if you like you can spice it up with a little chilli powder or Tabasco.

Recipe by: smillingbeinghappy

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