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    Brazilian food is a wonderful option whether cooking the national dish of Feijoada, or a typical rice and bean dish. There are many options to choose from desserts to mains, and everything in between.

    Top Brazilian Recipes

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    This is a rich Brazilian stew recipe that combines Chorizo and ham with sweet potato, capsicum, tomatoes and black beans.

    Recipe by: CRVGRL

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    A popular snack in Brazil, these delicious cheese puffs are easy to make and also gluten free! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Brazilian Cheese Puffs Video.

    Recipe by: GraçaRibeiro

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    Like a Latin American curry this is a wonderfully rich chicken stew that combines flavours such as cumin, garlic, ginger and coriander in a coconut milk based sauce.

    Recipe by: MLYIN

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    This is a Brazilian recipe which is similar to chilli con carne called 'picadillo'. Serve it with rice or on a baked potato.

    Recipe by: JRICE

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    This is a simplified version of a common Brazilian dish that I remember from my childhood. You can use any firm-fleshed white fish.

    Recipe by: BellevueMama

    brazilian Videos

    • Brazilian Cheese Puffs (Pão de Queijo)
      Brazilian Cheese Puffs (Pão de Queijo)
    • Brazilian Fish Stew (Moqueca de Peixe)
      Brazilian Fish Stew (Moqueca de Peixe)
    • Feijoada - Traditional Brazilian black bean and meat stew
      Feijoada - Traditional Brazilian black bean and meat stew
    • Brazilian Christmas Rice
      Brazilian Christmas Rice
    • Brazilian Carrot Cake
      Brazilian Carrot Cake
    • Brazilian Brigadeiros
      Brazilian Brigadeiros

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