Evaporated Milk

    Having a tin of evaporated milk in the cupboard is a great standby, there are some great recipes specifically designed for this style of milk.

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    Global Cuisine

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    With a mashed potato base, this baked frittata uses cheese, evaporated milk and frozen mixed vegetables to create yummy brekkie.

    Recipe by: Bird1114

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    This is an easy-to-do very yum summer dessert! I've tried several modifications but the best milk to use is evaporated milk!

    Recipe by: manalacib

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    An absolute treat, that will amaze even the hardest family member to convince zucchini is tasty! The zucchini adds a refreshing taste, while the evaporated milk adds a gorgeous creaminess.

    Recipe by: vhill

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    You can't go wrong with bacon and it works perfectly in this quiche recipe that is easy to follow and uses evaporated milk as a slight twist.

    Recipe by: Erin

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    This is a wonderful chicken curry that uses evaporated milk instead of coconut milk creating a rich yet slightly unique taste and flavour.

    Recipe by: acinerov

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    Meaning "Three Milk Cake" this Mexican cake is very moist because after it is cooled, it's allowed to absorb a mixture of evaporated milk, condensed milk and cream.

    Recipe by: MONICA

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    A great stand-by dessert I always keep a few tins of these tinned ingredients in the cupboard then as long as I have some eggs, I am good to go.

    Recipe by: Viveca DelGiorno

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    This is a special rice that has a unique flavour that comes from the evaporated milk, tomato paste, anise, cardamom and cloves.

    Recipe by: Suhara

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    This is a great dessert combination, a pineapple cake is baked then a sweet sauce made from evaporated milk, pecans and coconut is allowed to soak into it.

    Recipe by: Kitty

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    Chocolate and evaporated milk is combined with biscuit crumbs before being flavoured with brandy. Roll in nuts and icing sugar to finish.

    Recipe by: NANCERINI

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