Egg Custard (21)

    Egg is a common and almost essential ingredient in custard when cooked from scratch (not custard powder). Try these great custard recipes that contain eggs.

    Top Egg Custard Recipes

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    A simple dessert that gets its sweetness from rock sugar. An ideal dessert to finish a Chinese themed meal, serve with fresh fruit.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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    This custard is excellent with sponge pudding or with our favourite hot fruit. It's pourable or spoon-able. To prevent a lumpy or scorched custard use a heavy bottomed saucepan and stir CONSTANTLY. Do not walk away while this is cooking.

    Recipe by: HappyMamaToThree

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    Custard slice or custard squares are so simple in this recipe using prepared flaky pastry. Just bake the pastry then sandwich with creamy delicious custard.

    Recipe by: Cattleya

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    Yummy Asian egg tarts! First, mix up a batch of shortcrust dough, then fill them with egg custard and bake.

    Recipe by: Goh Mei Lee

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    Custard is a delicious dessert that is very easy to make! This recipe has only four ingredients and can be thrown together in a few minutes.

    Recipe by: shannasfour

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      How to Make Spanish Custard

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