Egg Custard

Egg is a common and almost essential ingredient in custard when cooked from scratch (not custard powder). Try these great custard recipes that contain eggs.


This custard is excellent with sponge pudding or with our favourite hot fruit. It's pourable or spoon-able. To prevent a lumpy or scorched custard use a heavy bottomed saucepan and stir CONSTANTLY. Do not walk away while this is cooking.

Recipe by: HappyMamaToThree


Custard slice or custard squares are so simple in this recipe using prepared flaky pastry. Just bake the pastry then sandwich with creamy delicious custard.

Recipe by: Cattleya

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Yummy Asian egg tarts! First, mix up a batch of shortcrust dough, then fill them with egg custard and bake.

Recipe by: Goh Mei Lee

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This is an easy dessert with condensed milk, eggs and coconut combined then baked in a cake like custard with caramel on top.

Recipe by: kikine2008

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This is a unique Korean dish called 'Gaeran Jim' which is best described as a dairy free savoury custard. Eggs are whisked with water then set in a double boiler.

Recipe by: Anne

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This is a lovely cinnamon and lemon infused Spanish-style custard with a biscuit on top. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Spanish Custard Video.

Recipe by: Luis Luna

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A simple dessert that gets its sweetness from rock sugar. An ideal dessert to finish a Chinese themed meal, serve with fresh fruit.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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Baby or young coconuts are the key in making this dessert, they are filled with an egg custard then steamed.

Recipe by: Wiley

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This is an awesome recipe I use in my restaurant. Freeze egg whites for another use rather than wasting them by throwing them out. Or even better, make into meringues, Poach them in milk & serve with this custard! Yummo!! I use this for my Mixed Berry Trifle!

Recipe by: almico

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A whole vanilla bean gives this custard a delicious flavour. You can also add some flavoured liqueur for a different taste.

Recipe by: MESHEL

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