Grilled Cheese

There is something addictive about grilled cheese whether it’s toasted in a sandwich, grilled on a slice of bread, on fish or part of a larger recipe.

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Bruschetta with tomato, onion, garlic, basil and oregano is cooked in the oven with a slice of mozzarella until it is gooey and delicious.

Recipe by: robynne

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Little cherry tomatoes covered in cheese and herbs then grilled. They make a great snack, finger food or entree.

Recipe by: SASSYCAT12

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Perfect for lunch, this is a quick, easy and tasty pizza variation with the best topping of all: ham and pineapple.

Recipe by: homeboy

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A delicious change from a normal sandwich, and almost infinitely adaptable. Try different cheeses, or different flavours of pesto.


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Swiss cheese is melted over avocado, mushroom, almonds and tomatoes in the quick, easy and cheap vegetarian lunch or light dinner.

Recipe by: ORNERY

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This is a very simple idea for a quick lunch or snack. The recipe uses a microwave instead of a grill to melt the cheese.

Recipe by: PMSprincess

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When you have a lot of toasted sandwiched to make it can take ages to do them one at a time. This way they are all ready at once.

Recipe by: Michelle

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Toasted bread with a thick slice of ham, pineapple and cheese all grilled. That has got to be the most perfect snack and it is healthy too - all five food groups covered.

Recipe by: hermann

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A quick and easy melted cheese sandwich using pita instead of normal bread. Looks and tastes delicious!

Recipe by: GLORI B.

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This is my version of the American Philly Cheese Steak (sometimes also called a Philly Steak, or Cheesesteak). Basically it is marinated meat and vegetables combined in a roll with cheese melted into it. Super tasty and a great option for the BBQ, especially when camping.

Recipe by: BushCook

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